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Sweet Chilli Fava Beans

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Sweet Chilli Fava Beans

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A savoury snack that is as high in protein as it is flavour .

These British Fava beans (which you might know as broad beans with the skins removed) are roasted in cold-pressed rapeseed oil and coated in award-winning sweet chilli sauce. 

These sweet chilli fave beans come in a glass jar which we collect, clean and reuse.

Ingredients: British fava beans (broad beans), just cold-pressed rapeseed oil, sugar, salt, soy sauce powder, (soy sauce (soya bean, wheat, salt), maltodextrin, salt) garlic powder, onion powder, dried bell pepper powder, natural flavourings, (including natural ginger flavouring, natural basil flavouring, natural chilli flavouring) spice (cayenne), herbs, (parsley, basil) colour: paprika.

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