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Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil

Cotswold Gold

Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil

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This is extra virgin rapeseed oil is made using traditional cold pressing methods which preserves the natural health benefits of the seed, creating an oil naturally high in vitamin E, rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9, and low in cholesterol.

With an extremely high flashpoint of 240° Cotswold Gold gives a crispy finish to fried and roasted foods whilst retaining its light, nutty flavour.

Cotswold Gold only use crops grown on their family farm in the Cotswolds to ensure only the finest seeds are pressed to create their vibrant, golden oil. The oil is also pressed and bottled in the Cotswolds.

This is the oil used in Claridges, Raymond Blanc's Cookery School and many other of the best kitchens in the world.

This extra virgin rapeseed oil comes in a glass bottle which we collect, clean and reuse.