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Organic White Basmati Rice

Infinity Foods

Organic White Basmati Rice

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The word ‘Basmati’ means ‘the prince of fragrance’ and you only need to cook a batch of it to find out why.  It is a long, slender grain that creates a light, fluffy rice when cooked which is nutty in flavour and rich in aroma. 

Organic White Basmati Rice is a species of rice unique to India and this one has been grown in the Himalayan foothills. 

Take this rice to the next level by soaking it 3/4 times until the water runs clear. Now fry the rice for a couple of minutes in a little hot oil until the ends turn translucent. Season and add 1.5x cold water to rice and leave a lid on. If you've got your ratio of water to rice correct, you won't even need to drain it! 


Nutrition  per 100g
Energy (Kcal)  354
Energy (Kj) 1504
Fat (g)  0.5
of which saturates (g) 0.1
Carbohydrates (g)  80
Fibre (g) 1.3
Protein (g)  7.4