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Organic Cacao Nibs Raw


Organic Cacao Nibs Raw

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Whilst cacao and cocoa are technically the same thing, generally, cocoa refers to a more processed chocolate product with added sugar, versus raw cacao, which has no sugar.

Organic Raw Cacao Nibs are often referred to as ‘food of the gods’ as they were traditionally reserved for important people and those with spiritual duties. 

The beauty of these nibs is in their simplicity: raw and natural. They will make you re-think chocolate!

Ingredients: organic cocoa beans

Nutrition  per 100g
Energy (Kcal)  577
Energy (Kj) 2416
Fat (g)  51.6
of which saturates (g) 30.3
Carbohydrates (g)  6
of which sugars (g) 1.5
Fibre (g) 23.4
Protein (g)  12.8