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Our Story

Upset with all the waste packaging in your food shop? Me too. 

But there is hope. A simple 5p levy on plastic bags has reduced use by over 95%. Today, the average person uses 4 single-use carrier bags a year, compared with 140 in 2014.

I believe the same reduction is possible for all grocery packaging. It's just a touch more complicated.

This is not my background. I’ve spent the last three years in education and before that reward and loyalty.

This is not as random as it might first appear as lots of the skills I've learn, like systems, innovation and team work, will be put to good use to make doorstep refills a thing.

There’s only so much impact I can have delivering on my bike in E17 but this is where it begins...

If you're a resident in E17 looking to be more green please let us refill your jars, bottles, tubs and boxes!

Together, we will learn how to minimise waste and make grocery shopping the most zero waste it can be.

If you have any questions or feedback please slide into my DMs or email mitch@we-fill.co.uk.

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