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Laundry Liquid Biological


Laundry Liquid Biological

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Like all Sesi products, this fragranced biological laundry detergent is vegan, biodegradable, cruelty-Free and manufactured for SESI by an independent family firm in the UK.

The supply chain of SESI products, from manufacture to your doorstep, has no plastic waste, is made in the UK and contains no nasties like parabens, bleach etc.

This comes in a recycled glass bottle that we collect, clean and reuse. If you'd like a pump, they are available to purchase separately here.

Directions: pour liquid into machine dispenser or washable. Follow instructions on garment label. In soft water areas, use 3 ml of liquid per kg for lightly soiled washing and 5 ml for heaving soiling. In hard water areas, increase that to 5 ml and 10 ml respectively.