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Ginger Washing Up Liquid


Ginger Washing Up Liquid

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Eco-friendly, ginger scented washing up liquid designed for clean dishes.

Fill, produces simple and effective cleaning products that are sustainably made at their family factory in Northamptonshire.

This product is plastic-free, cruelty-free, vegan and made without dyes or harsh chemicals. They also collect the containers we decant from and refill them. 

This washing up liquid comes in a Fill branded glass bottle that we collect, clean and reuse. It also comes with a pump!

How to use: apply sparingly, a few pumps will clean a bowl of washing up! 10–15ml (2–3 teaspoons) for a bowl of washing up is plenty!  Store above 5°c

Contains amongst other ingredients: less than 5% fragrance, preservative. Less than 30% surfactant. More than 30% aqua.