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Cleaning Bicarbonate of Soda


Cleaning Bicarbonate of Soda

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Like all SESI products, this non-food grade bicarbonate of soda is vegan, biodegradable, cruelty-Free and manufactured for SESI by an independent family firm in the UK.

The supply chain of SESI products, from manufacture to your doorstep, has no plastic waste, is made in the UK and contains no nasties like parabens, bleach etc.

Directions: two parts bicarb to one part water is a good cleaning paste for pans and surfaces. Safe to use on chopping boards and as a deodoriser in fridges, bins etc. Soak pans overnights with a hot water and bicarb mix 

Please note this is not food grade vinegar and is strictly for cleaning. 

Ingredients: >30% water and <5% acetic acid (80%)