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Homemade Kimchi

This Kimchi takes 10 days to ferment but it's worth the wait. Another great recipe for Christmas leftovers or Daikon, if you've ever got stuck with one of those!

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Rainbow Salad

This one’s for everyone who’s overindulged for the past few days and can’t be bothered to cook anymore! It should hopefully use up a few leftovers too.

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Autumn Pilau

Tis’ the season for squashes and there’s only so many risottos my partner can handle so it was time for something new…

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Caramelised Fennel & Carrot Salad

Each week I get a beautiful fruit and veg box full of local, seasonal produce from OrganicLea. It's also zero waste as they take back the packaging it's delivered in! In this blog, I share how I turn this in to lunch and dinner with a few simple ingredients from WeFill.⁠ This week is inspired by a recipe from Meera Sodha’s EAST which is a fab cookbook.  I love how this meal combines cooked and uncooked fennel. It tastes very different but is bursting with flavour both ways. However, the real start of the show is the giant couscous simply cooked in bullion stock! This is a fancy lunch for two. It’s the salsa verde-esq dressing that takes most of the time but it’s...

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